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Shipping decarbonisation could create up to four million green jobs

The demand for e-fuels is projected to exceed 500 million tonnes by 2040, necessitating an additional 2TW of renewable energy generation capacity and £3.2 trillion in infrastructure investment

Decarbonising the global maritime industry could lead to the creation of up to four million green jobs by 2050.

Shipping, accounting for 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions, faces pressure to transition to zero emission fuels like hydrogen-based e-fuels, as per the International Maritime Organization’s target to end fossil fuel consumption by 2050.

This transition requires significant investment in renewable energy and hydrogen production capacity, estimated at £3.2 trillion.

The demand for e-fuels is expected to exceed 500 million tonnes by 2040, requiring substantial investment in renewable energy generation and infrastructure, according to a new study.

Most green jobs are projected to be generated during the 2030s, with a significant portion likely to be distributed in the Global South, according to analysis by the Global Maritime Forum and Arup.

Connor Bingham, Project Manager at Global Maritime Forum and author of Green Jobs and Maritime Decarbonisation, said: “The huge levels of investment will impact all corners of the globe, helping many countries around the world provide opportunities to workers negatively affected by the transition away from more carbon-intensive industries.”

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