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Giant water battery: Loch Ness to get £3bn hydro power boost

Glen Earrach Energy has announced a £3 billion hydroelectric project at Loch Ness, aiming to provide clean energy and create local jobs

Glen Earrach Energy Limited (GEE) has revealed plans for a £3 billion hydroelectric project at Balmacaan Estate near Loch Ness.

This pumped storage hydro project aims to generate 30GWh of energy.

The project is designed to provide extended energy storage capacity, integrating renewable energy into the grid and reducing local carbon emissions by 10%.

It is also projected to save £2 billion in electricity grid operational costs.

The development is also expected to bring over 600 construction jobs to the local area during its six-year build.

GEE has started engaging with local communities, businesses and governmental bodies to gather input on the project’s execution.

The project team includes specialists from AECOM, Alpiq, Frontier Economics and LCP-Delta.

A scoping request has been submitted to the Scottish Government‘s Energy Consents Unit.

GEE Director Roderick MacLeod highlighted the importance of pumped storage hydro in balancing wind power.

Mr MacLeod described the project as a “giant water battery,” storing excess wind power and releasing it when needed.

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