Partnership aims to green ship engines

Hyundai Marine Solution has partnered with Accelleron to introduce Engine Part Load Optimisation services, with the goal of improving fuel efficiency and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions within the maritime sector

Government cash boost for ammonia cracker

AFC Energy’s ammonia cracker technology, has secured funding, aiming to enhance ammonia combustion in marine engines

‘World’s first’ hydrogen inland shipping barge aces sea trials

Concordia Damen’s hydrogen-powered inland shipping barge, ‘Antonie’, has successfully completed technical sea trials

“Ship is still on fire”: What caused the ongoing fatal fire on the car carrier?

A massive car carrier ship, carrying nearly 3,000 vehicles, caught fire off the Dutch coast, resulting in one crew member’s death and several injuries

Green maritime routes agreed at COP27

A deal has been struck to build zero-emission shipping routes between the UK, US, Norway and the Netherlands

Concerns raised as the UK starts hunt for undersea nuclear waste disposal sites

Animal welfare groups and campaigners blast ongoing surveys for undersea nuclear waste dump

REA: ‘UK economy could gain billions from low carbon transport’

It says all forms of transport must be included from maritime, land and air

New IPCC report to ring alarm on climate change

The new report will explore adaptation opportunities for regions impacted by climate change

COP26 Live: 18 countries to create zero-emission ocean shipping corridors

The initiative will enable the creation of zero-emissions maritime routes between two or more ports

COP26 Live: Port authority allows Greenpeace ship to dock outside conference centre

Initially, the river port authority refused to give permission to the ship to berth at the venue where the COP26 is taking place