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TotalEnergies secures 1.5GW offshore wind lease in German North Sea

TotalEnergies has obtained a lease in Germany's North Sea to develop 1.5GW of offshore wind power

TotalEnergies, through its role in Offshore Wind One GmbH, has secured a new lease, N-11.2, in the German North Sea.

Covering 156 square kilometres near Heligoland, this lease will allow TotalEnergies to develop a 1.5GW offshore wind hub, complementing their existing project, N-12.1.

The agreement includes a €196 million (£165m) payment to the German government by June 2025 for marine conservation and €88 million (£74.4m) annually for electricity infrastructure, supporting the project for twenty years.

Stéphane Michel, President Gas Renewable and Power of TotalEnergies, said: “Building upon the successful award of concession N-12.1 in the German North Sea last year, the award of the N-11.2 site will enable TotalEnergies to establish a 3.5GW offshore wind energy hub, building on the quality of both sites and taking advantage of the development and operational synergies between them.

“This marks a new step for the deployment of TotalEnergies Integrated Power strategy in Germany after the acquisition of Quadra Energy, one of the top three aggregators of renewable electricity production and of Kyon Energy, a prominent developer of battery storage solutions.”

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