UK lifts onshore wind ban

The new measures will make it easier to find suitable locations for onshore wind farms by involving communities and speeding up site allocation through different local planning processes

Cables begin for 1.4GW Sofia Offshore Wind Farm

Cable laying operations have commenced for the giant offshore wind farm on Dogger Bank, in the central North Sea

Is the ban on new onshore wind set to be blown away?

The Prime Minister is reportedly set to reverse an onshore wind farm ban amid Tory MPs pressure

Sky shield secured: UK pledges £3.5m to protect Air Defence from windfarms

The funding will support the development of prototypes aimed at mitigating windfarm impact on surveillance systems

Global offshore wind hits record growth

The sector’s 8.8GW capacity boost in 2022 marks its second-best year ever and experts predict an estimated 380GW will emerge on the horizon by 2032

Seagreen substation secures planning approval

The Seagreen 1A project is led by Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd, a joint venture between SSE Renewables and TotalEnergies

High winds of success for Viking Wind Farm

The last convoy of wind turbine components has arrived on-site at the Viking Wind Farm project in Shetland

First turbine installation begins at world’s largest offshore wind farm

The installation campaign for the first of 277 turbines at the massive Dogger Bank Wind Farm will start this weekend

Windy revamp: Scottish wind farm ‘repowered’

Scotland’s first commercial wind farm, Hagshaw Hill, is undergoing repowering with new turbines

UK approves second largest offshore wind project

The government has approved Ørsted’s Hornsea 4 wind farm, which will have a capacity of up to 2.6GW and feature up to 180 turbines off the coast of East Yorkshire