Heating the call: Government urged to expand CfD

Ministers have been urged to expand the Contracts for Difference scheme to encompass heating decarbonisation projects

Octopus boss urges rapid clean energy push

Greg Jackson has called for collaboration to speed up clean energy, lower costs, boost energy security and attract investors to the UK

Energy bill crisis: Missed offshore wind contracts

An estimated £1 billion in energy savings is at risk following a government oversight in contract allocation for offshore wind projects, experts have warned

“Renewables disaster”: No new UK offshore wind awarded in auction

The absence of new offshore wind projects in the Contracts for Difference auction round 5 is a major setback, says industry

Blown away! UK offshore wind misses contracts

The UK offshore wind industry faces disappointment as no new contracts are awarded in the latest round of Contracts for Difference

Is UK’s green energy auction on the brink?

Industry insiders are expressing concerns that tomorrow’s announcement may reveal a lack of significant bids in the forthcoming Contracts for Difference auction results

Did UK ministers skip green energy meeting amid investment worries?

The government’s reported decision to cancel a planned meeting with green energy industry leaders has raised questions

Energy industry urges government to reform clean power auctions

Trade associations have proposed changes to the auction process to maximise benefits, support emerging technologies and align parameters with the economic environment

Kent to shine with ‘largest’ solar plan

Project Fortress is predicted to power 100,000 homes with renewable energy

UK looks to shock energy sector with major reform

The government considers rewarding green energy projects for “non-price factors” to drive investment and improve energy security