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Utilita launches smart meter apprenticeship

Utilita Energy and Cheshire College South and West have introduced a new apprenticeship aimed at improving smart meter installation reliability and resolving communication challenges

Utilita Energy, in collaboration with Cheshire College South and West, has unveiled a smart metering apprenticeship designed to tackle the challenges hindering smart meter installations in the UK.

This initiative aims to address communication issues that often leave smart meters in ‘dumb mode‘ on installation day, affecting approximately 3.4 million meters across domestic properties.

The new apprenticeship, a joint effort between the private sector energy supplier and the public sector college, is set to produce up to 1,000 skilled engineers annually.

It features hands-on training with Utilita’s smart meter installation simulations, housed at Warrington’s training facilities.

This practical approach is intended to equip apprentices with the expertise to troubleshoot and effectively commission smart meters.

Karen Roberts, the Assistant Principal for Apprenticeships and Employer Engagement at Cheshire College, commented: “Apprentices who achieve this Level 2 Smart Metering Diploma will play a significant role in helping the UK reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”

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