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Government to “receive extra billions from soaring energy bills”

It is estimated that the increase in bills from October will generate an extra £2.6 billion for the government

UK solar boom sees new highs

UK solar capacity now exceeds 15GW, according to a report

Grey squirrels on the pill to save their red relatives!

New research with oral contraceptives has been launched aiming at controlling the population of grey squirrels

Ofgem unveils energy suppliers’ “failings” in direct debit charges

Five large energy suppliers were found to have ‘moderate or severe’ weaknesses in the way they charge customers direct debits

“Government should treat energy efficiency as a national emergency”

Nick Wayth, Chief Executive at Energy Institute spoke to ELN about the findings of the Energy Barometer survey amid the “biggest” crisis since the 1970s

“The main challenge right now is rising energy costs”

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“A small minority of businesses use software tech to do their sustainability data reporting”

Michele Garra, Chief Executive Officer of Optima Technology told Sumit Bose the data is silent until it is brought to life

Kwasi Kwarteng on The Big Zero Show: “Cheaper, cleaner power in Britain for Britain”

In a video message, the Business Secretary reiterated the need to accelerate the UK’s transition away from expensive gas