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Net Hero Podcast – Will your net zero home be made of mushrooms?

Are fungi an untapped resource to make new building materials and even eat plastic waste?

The humble shroom. You can have it on your plate and it’s a delicacy. You can see it growing on your walls and it’s a pest. You can see it on trees and it’s a natural composter.

But could fungi be the thing your home of the future is made from?

They have amazing properties and can be made into materials like insulation board or blocks and new research is showing they can literally ‘eat’ hard to recycle plastics or other toxic materials.

In fact, their abilities are unknown but Ehab Sayed, founder of a company called BIOHM, thinks they are our greatest natural allies in the fight against climate change.

Listen to our chat, where Ehab outlines the possible uses of fungi, from making sustainable leather to cleaning up our oceans, let alone changing the face of construction.

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