Danske banks ‘UK’s first’ carbon-neutral mortgage

It has committed to offset all emissions generated by its mortgages

Banks ‘are silently and indiscriminately financing a toxic tide of plastic pollution’

Portfolio Earth claims financiers are ‘co-responsible’ for propping up the plastic packaging industry, one of the main contributors to harmful plastic waste

Morgan Stanley to disclose carbon impacts of its loans

It has become the first US-based global bank to join the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials and its Steering Committee

Six global finance giants sign up to Powering Past Coal Alliance

Members of the group are committed to ending finance for coal-fired power, meeting the aims of the Paris Agreement and encouraging others in the financial and utilities sectors to decarbonise

Goldman Sachs pledges to step away from oil and gas drilling in the Arctic

The banking giant has also promised to avoid financing projects in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and said it will not invest in new thermal coal mines anywhere in the world

Global banking sector ‘is failing to respond to the climate emergency’

Boston Common Asset Management claims green banking initiatives have not changed lending and investment practices in reality

Banks and government ‘must spur green investment’

European banks and governments must make a number of changes to encourage continued green investments. That’s according to the European Banking Federation (EBF), which has made a series of recommendations for these groups to help improve environmental, economic and social sustainability across the economy. It says clear and certain policies, solid regulations and an appropriate […]

“Not fair” to tar energy with the same brush as banking

It’s “not fair” to draw comparisons between the energy and banking sectors according to CEO and founder of Good Energy, Juliet Davenport. In an interview with ELN this week at the Energy UK conference, she responded to Ed Davey’s suggestion that suppliers faced a “Fred the Shred moment” over the recent round of price hikes: […]

We want a single backer for low carbon energy, Government told

The Government needs to work out who’s going to financially back its new scheme to pay for low carbon energy – and sooner rather than later, the head of an energy trade body said this week. Angela Knight, chief executive of trade body Energy UK derided official dithering over who will be the “counterparty” to […]

Finance no longer a problem, says brokerage firm

A recent report suggested investment in the clean energy industry had fallen to its lowest since the financial crisis of 2008. But the money to fund new energy projects is still there, claims one financier. The secret is getting your mitts on it. ELN asked Adam Hewson, the Director of ReEnergise Finance why some thought […]