Coronavirus pandemic ‘drives fracking bankruptcies across US’

The report states: “The latest results confirm that fracking continues to be a high-risk enterprise with a poor track record, weak financial fundamentals and an unproven, speculative business model”

Mark Carney: Businesses that fail to adapt to climate change will go bankrupt

The Bank of England Governor also said there will be ‘great fortunes’ made along the way

Small increase in consumer bills if energy suppliers go bust

Energy customers could see a small increase in gas and electricity bills if a supplier goes bust. Ofgem’s new rules allow rescue suppliers to add a charge on consumer bills to help reimburse those customers who have been affected by the bankrupt firm. The “safety net” is aimed at providing consumers “peace of mind so […]

Finnish turbine maker files for bankruptcy

The Finnish wind turbine maker WinWinD has filed for bankruptcy, blaming financial uncertainty and low demand for its poor performance. A district court in Finland accepted a voluntary petition for bankruptcy and has appointed an administrator to decide whether the company can survive or should start selling off its assets. In a statement the firm […]