Putin cancels plans to storm Ukrainian steel plant, opts for blockade

He ordered his Defence Minister to make a blockade “so that a fly cannot not pass through”

Climate activists blockade fracking supply firm

Environmental activists have blockaded a quarry owned by a fracking supplier in Lancashire. The protest at the gates of Aggregate Industries marks the start of a fortnight of interventions organised by climate justice group Reclaim the Power. Lorry access to the company’s site in Carnforth has been entirely suspended by two protesters on swings attaching themselves to height restriction bars at two […]

Wage row threatens to close Libyan gas pipe

Security guards in Libya are reportedly threatening to block a gas pipeline to the capital Tripoli (pictured) in a row over wages. It follows a spate of strikes at Libyan oil fields which have seen the nation’s oil production dwindle to 250,000 barrels of oil per day and oil exports are said to have been […]