Bristol Council celebrates record solar generation

The Avonmouth solar park generated enough electricity between May and July to power around 257 homes a year

Bristol City Council drops its own energy company

It will now be supplied by Big Six firm British Gas

CRC league table ranking will affect consumer buying habits

High-profile brands could be punished by consumers for poor performance in the CRC league tables, according to a new report. But the survey by Imperial College London Business School and E.ON also found that consumers were twice as likely to feel positive towards brands towards the top of the table and that could influence their […]

Reputational fears drive CRC compliance

The driving force making many companies tackle the CRC head-on is a fear over their reputation once its league tables are published. The CRC Energy Efficiency Summit in London last week heard from various speakers who stressed that coming low in the league table was a chance their companies were not prepared to take. This […]