British emissions rose by 4.7% last year

The lifting of lockdown led to higher transport and power station emissions

Renewable Energy Group boosts biodiesel production

It currently produces 50 million gallons each year of fuel made from feedstocks

Global coal production ‘to grow marginally’ in 2020

With the Covid-19 outbreak in China, coal production dropped by 6% in the first two months of 2020

Coronavirus ’causes global emissions to fall by a quarter’

A new report calls for companies to adopt better carbon reporting after the pandemic to enable cost-savings, access to new markets and the provision of more funding

Arizona University to slash tonnes of CO2 by planting ‘entire forest’

Around 1,000 trees will be planted at the ”Carbon Sink and Learning Forest” which will be open to professors to conduct climate change research

Sweden’s tallest wooden tower ‘saves 550 tonnes of CO2’

The record-breaking solid-timber landmark which is nine floors high, uses high-precision technology involving solid timber with glued laminated elements that result in air-tight and energy-efficient construction

Short Fuse Episode 42

Short Fuse episode featuring the latest energy news and insights.

Birmingham to host global zero emission vehicles summit

World leaders will join industry experts, academics and financial institutions at the ‘world-first’ event to find ways to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality

EU proposes binding national emission targets

The European Commission has proposed binding annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets for Member States. They cover the transport, buildings, agriculture, waste, land-use and forestry sectors and aim to meet the agreed goals by 2030. The UK will have to cut emissions by 37% and countries such as The Netherlands and Denmark by 36% and 38% […]

UK could raise carbon emission target to 30%, says Climate Change Minister

The UK is in a good position to raise its carbon emission target to 30% by 2020, Climate Change Minister Greg Barker told the BBC this morning. But the UK should do so only if the rest of Europe follows, he added. The Minister is set to try and convince other EU countries next week […]