Prince Charles launches initiative to address global sustainability challenges

Up to 12 new research fellowships will be created at Cambridge University with £3.6m in funding from industry partners

Seafood “could be cooked by climate change”

If you’re partial to a portion of mussels or smoked salmon, your days of fine dining may be numbered. That’s because shellfish and seafood staples like tuna could be in short supply as a knock-on effect of climate change. Nicolette Bartlett, Senior Programme Manager at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership who put […]

Land blocked? UK ‘faces 2 million hectare shortfall’

Space to grow fruit and vegetables, crops for ‘green’ biofuel and build homes could soon be hard to find. New research led by Cambridge academics suggests the UK faces a shortfall of 2 million hectares by 2030. With the UK’s population predicted to reach 71 million, an extra 7 million hectares of land – more […]