Boris Johnson ‘plans new climate department’ to work towards net zero future

Rumours suggest the Prime Minister is formulating a post-election partial reshuffle of the cabinet

Three-quarters of Brits want government to do more to support renewables

More than two-thirds believe the government should be responsible for tackling climate change and reaching net zero

Tory leadership debate: Will the environment and net zero emissions be top priorities?

A televised debate saw the five candidates answer various questions from the public

Theresa May: Labour nationalisation plans would mean people pay twice

The Prime Minister said the proposed move would see investment fall

Labour: ‘Tory inaction on energy has left households £1,000 worse off’

The Labour Party says households may have paid £526 too much for gas and £431 too much for electricity as a result of not capping prices earlier

Big Six supplier warns energy price cap ‘could harm competition’

One of the Big Six energy companies has warned a potential energy price cap could harm competition. The comment from Keith Anderson, Chief Corporate Officer at ScottishPower, comes amid speculation the Conservative Party is planning to cap household energy prices as part of its manifesto. He suggests the government could instead set a deadline to […]

Conservative MPs call on PM to support fifth carbon budget

A total of 20 Conservative MPs are calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to support the adoption of a fifth carbon budget. The letter sent to the PM follows the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) recommendation to set a carbon budget which includes cutting emissions from international shipping. The suggestion has also been supported by the […]

Ed Davey launches another attack on Tory Government

Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey has criticised the Conservative Government for “trying to kill off [the UK’s] renewable energy boom”. Commenting in The Guardian, he said: “In the past three months, for the first time in our history, Britain produced more electricity from renewable sources than it did from coal. “But that massive progress in clean energy is […]

What does the Tory election win mean for energy?

  ELN Chief Reporter Priyanka Shrestha talks to former CEO of Energy UK Angela Knight about what a Conservative election win means for the energy industry.

Tory win ‘business as usual’ for energy market

The Conservative Party going back to Downing Street means “business as usual” for the energy market. That’s the view of Matt Osborne, Risk Manager at Inenco, who told ELN: “It means a lot more stability and clarity in terms of investment going forward. It means prices should remain at least pretty stable, if not slightly […]