National Grid erasing pylons from pretty British countryside?

Pylons which intrude on the eye in British beauty spots have long been hated by some environmental groups. At the moment 7% of the National Grid’s network, stretching 571.2 km, is carried by overhead lines through national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB). Putting cables underground is more expensive than overhead. The grid […]

Somerset says no more pylons

Hundreds of people in Somerset have protested against ‘super pylons’ being put up in the countryside. The ‘No Moor Pylons’ protest last Sunday follows National Grid’s plans to install 46.5m tall pylons along a 36-mile stretch, linking the proposed Hinckley C power station to Avonmouth. Protestors hoped the walk would convince the company to put […]

“Enough is enough” on wind farms, says Lincolnshire Council

A British local council has taken a stand on the number of wind farms being built in their area – because they say it could damage tourism. Lincolnshire County Council has agreed to restrict where turbines can be built. The news comes a few months after 101 British MPs sent a letter to Prime Minister […]

Countryside in a flap over turbines

The British countryside is set to become overrun by “intruding ” wind turbines. This was the warning from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), which has got in a flap over the Government’s policies for onshore wind. The campaign group argues that local people are being ignored in the face of large manufacturers. Shaun Spiers, […]