Climate change is fuelling a worsening global health crisis

Authors of the Lancet Countdown report suggest that switching to renewables could eliminate millions of deaths

Chinese COVID tests caused 5.4m tonnes of GHG emissions

This is the carbon footprint of more than 9bn tests taken in two years

Conserving tropical peatlands ‘is vital to protecting humans from infectious disease’

An international study team led by the University of Exeter suggests protecting such areas could even reduce the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

Oil and gas infrastructure ‘is putting unborn children at risk’

The University of Colorado suggests pregnant women living in close proximity to gas wells and oil refineries could have up to a 70% greater chance of giving birth to babies with congenital heart defects

‘Mosquito-borne diseases will spread as the planet heats up’

The report predicts by 2050, a billion additional people could be at risk from disease-carrying mosquitoes

Coal power plant
Spanish reduction in coal use saves €952m in health costs

Falling use of the fossil fuel over 2015 and 2016 led to a 40.5% decrease in associated health impacts

Is climate change killing starfish?

A new study suggests warmer seas may be making starfish more susceptible to naturally occurring diseases

Biomass woodchip firm calls for clarity on diseased timber

A firm producing renewable woodchip for use in biomass heating has called on the Government to make clear how restrictions on the use of diseased timber apply to businesses. If an area of woodland becomes diseased the Forestry Commission can take measures to quarantine the area, including forcing landowners to fell any infected trees. It means […]

‘100,000 early deaths from India coal emissions’

Emissions from coal-fired power stations caused an estimated 100,000 early deaths in India last year, a new report claimed today. Millions more people suffer from asthma, heart disease and other health problems which cost India between $3-4 billion dollars suggests the ‘Coal Kills’ report, which was written by researchers from the Delhi-based group Urban Emissions […]