Coal power
US commits $122m to establish coal products innovation centres

They will research and incubate mining, processing and purification technologies that are environmentally sustainable

US announces $30m federal fund for fuel cell technology

The funding will further the study of producing hydrogen and energy from the electrolysis of water

US to resume environmental cleanup of toxic waste at ETEC Center

The ETEC Center was a former nuclear and liquid metals research site and needs to be decontaminated to minimise environmental risks

US announces $9m prize for solar-powered desalination projects

The competition aims to develop cost-cutting systems to increase freshwater supply across the US

Nuclear fusion
US to provide $32m for fusion energy technology projects

The grant aims to develop commercially-viable, low-cost fusion energy concepts as potential energy sources

Wind energy worker
US announces $4.5m for distributed energy professional training

The funding programme will give workers such as firefighters, first responders and safety officials up-to-date information on emergency responses

US announces $22m to advance marine energy industry

The DoE seeks to support research and development and testing infrastructure in ocean sciences and marine energy

US announces $22m fund to capture carbon dioxide from the air

The grant will cover fundamental research in materials and field testing of prototypes

Oil and gas business
US to purchase 77m crude oil barrels to support producers amid pandemic

It has initially bought 30 million crude oil barrels to place in its Strategic Petroleum Reserve

US invests $74m in energy efficient building technologies

A total of 63 eco-friendly projects will benefit from the Department of Energy investment