Small US businesses granted $53m for clean energy and climate solutions

It will support 259 projects across 38 states that cover security and resilience, renewable energy, energy storage, carbon capture and conversion and fusion energy

Fresh call for joint US-Israel clean energy technology proposals

The two countries are providing $4m in funding for innovative technologies to tackle climate change

US seeks views on design of $225m Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The funding will support improved building codes, assisting state agencies and partners improve the energy efficiency

US launches $5m lithium battery workforce initiative

The Department of Energy will support up to five pilot training programmes in energy and automotive communities and advance workshop partnerships for the domestic lithium battery supply chain

US Department of Energy issues two LNG export approvals

It gives the Sabine Pass and Corpus Christi projects additional flexibility to export LNG to any country with which the US does not have a free trade agreement, including all of Europe

US awards $32m for next-gen building retrofit projects

A total of 30 projects will be supported, with seven testing renovation techniques that reduce disruption to tenants while upgrading the energy and environmental performance of buildings ‘more quickly, affordably and effectively’

Electric trucks ‘will be cheaper than diesel-powered trucks by 2035’

It will be achieved through continued improvements with zero emission vehicles and fuel technologies which will make cleaner trucks to become cheaper and more readily available over the next decade

US announces $150m to cut emissions from energy tech and manufacturing

It will support topics in basic chemical and materials research, including new clean energy approaches, which are expected to help towards the development of solar and nuclear energy technologies, energy storage, carbon capture and novel manufacturing processes

New agreement inked to commercialise advanced fuel recycling

The technology is expected to help reduce fuel costs for advanced fission power plants as well as reduce supply chain risks

New $140m US programme for first-of-a-kind critical minerals refinery

Rare earth element and critical minerals are essential materials used in a broad range of technologies such as advanced aircraft, wind turbines, EVs, semiconductors and hydrogen fuel cells