US long-duration energy storage demos to receive $350m funding

Projects that are capable of delivering electricity for 10 to 24 hours or longer will be supported

US launches $50m pilot to help non-profits make critical energy upgrades

Organisation can purchase materials and implement building upgrades to decrease utility costs and help reduce carbon emissions in commercial buildings

US awards $43m to support clean energy transition in communities

A total of 23 projects will share the funding, with the majority focusing on increasing communities’ resilience to disruptions from extreme weather and other disasters

US commits $35m to deploy clean energy on tribal lands

The Department of Energy seeks to help reduce energy costs in tribal communities and ensure they are not left behind in the transition to a clean energy future

US awards $24m to advance next-gen concentrating solar-thermal power tech

Five of the projects will focus on advancing industrial uses for this technology, specifically in the cement, hydrogen and chemicals sectors

US invests $178m to advance bioenergy technology

A total of 37 projects will develop new technologies that engineer plants and microbes into bioenergy and improve carbon storage

US awards $46m to convert carbon and waste into biofuels

The projects will develop waste conversion and carbon capture technologies to produce fuels from biomass and waste streams

Toyota builds 1MW hydrogen system for US Department of Energy

The $6.5m project is being funded by the DOE and could be operational within three years

New $20m research group to support growth of US solar industry

It aims to make cadmium telluride solar cells – the second most common PV technology in the world after silicon – less expensive and more efficient

US awards $40m to make homes more energy efficient

The funding from the Weatherisation Assistance Programme has been granted to 21 organisations and five state agencies to repair, electrify and weatherise homes and help save families money on their energy bills