US plugs in $60m to help decarbonise transport sector

Transportation accounts for around 30% of total US energy needs and generates the largest share of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions

US announces $60m for energy efficient manufacturing

The funding will be used by university-based Industrial Assessment Centres (IACs), which assist manufacturers in reducing their carbon footprint while training the next-generation of energy efficiency workers

US provides $27m funding to make waves using ocean energy

The projects aim to advance wave energy technologies towards commercial viability

Clean biofuels and bio-products research projects bag $45.5m

They are produced by converting biomass – made up of recently-living organic materials like crop and food waste and algae – and other waste resources into valuable low carbon alternatives to products

US awards $65m to commercialise ‘promising’ energy technologies

A total of 68 projects, which range from clean energy and advanced manufacturing to building efficiency and next-generation materials, will be supported

US invests $14.5m to combat plastic waste and pollution

The funding will be used for research and development to cut waste and reduce the energy used to produce and recycle single-use plastics such as plastic bags, wraps and films

Up to $40m to reduce fuel waste from advanced US nuclear reactors

According to the Department of Energy, nuclear power is one of the most reliable sources of energy in the US, providing 52% of the nation’s electricity in 2020

US awards $6.2m for research into efficient hydrogen gas turbines

The projects aim to advance hydrogen – a clean burning fuel – as a high-performing, efficient gas for turbine-based electricity generation

US announces $15.5m for solar energy deployment in underserved communities

It is expected to help families and businesses ‘that have been left behind’ in the clean energy transition to reap the benefits of cheaper, renewable power and access to highly-skilled jobs

Biden pours further $8bn into modernisation of US grid

The funding will support the improvement of transmission lines and help America’s aging grid to embrace the recently announced clean energy targets