Angela Knight: Britain faces a new energy ‘trilemma’

The head of Energy UK believes Britain is now facing a new three-pronged dilemma in the industry – Who pays? How much? And for what? Speaking at the Energy Live 2013 conference yesterday, Angela Knight said the energy ‘trilemma’ of decarbonisation, security of supply and the cost of energy has been replaced. She believes the […]

Energy Live 2013 – Sumit Bose Interviews Chris Faulkner

Sumit Bose interviews Chris Faulkner, CEO Breitling Energy Companies.

'Let’s use less energy and build more infrastructure'

Building more infrastructure for a secure energy future and cutting down on consumption are both crucial for the UK. That was one of the hot topics at the Energy Live 2013 conference yesterday, where panel members discussed about using less and building more in the industry. Sara Vaughan (pictured), Director of Strategy and Regulation at […]

Using less and building more at Energy Live 2013

Angela Knight, CEO of Energy UK and Sara Vaughan, E.ON’s Director of Strategy and Regulation talk about using less and building more – the theme of the Energy Live 2013 conference. ELN reporter Priyanka Shrestha reports.

Energy brokers must ‘come clean’ about ‘hidden commissions’

Energy brokers and suppliers are challenged to “come clean” and clearly state the amount of “hidden commissions” included on energy bills. The call from Schneider Electric comes ahead of the Energy Live 2013 conference tomorrow. One of the main sponsors of the event, it is also asking consumers if they are prepared to put up […]

'Businesses need confidence about stable energy future'

Businesses need clarity on the future stability of energy supplies, says business electricity supplier Haven Power. The Ipswich-based firm which is owned by Drax believes more needs to be done to secure alternative power sources and attract investment for both new and existing power generators. Ashley Phillips (pictured), Head of I&C Sales says: “While we appreciate […]

Energy Live 2013 – Kevin McCullough invites you to EL2013

Kevin McCullough, CEO of UK Coal invites you to Energy Live 2013.

Businesses advised to ‘act now’ in renewing energy contracts

UK businesses are being urged not to delay in renewing their energy contracts as they could face being switched to expensive ‘rollover’ tariffs. Mark Alston, Director of ENER-G Procurement is advising companies to “act now” – despite the traditional April contract renewals – in order to avoid being hit by heftier energy bills. He says: […]

Fixed energy contracts have "hidden costs"

Energy contracts that are fixed “are not what they claim to be” and could have “hidden costs” attached to them. That’s the warning from ENER-G Procurement, which suggests fixed contracts could include “third party charges” such as delivery network and environmental taxes and levies. The firm is advising businesses to check the small print as […]

Energy Live 2013 – Stuart Thorogood invites you to EL2013

Stuart Thorogood, UK Country President of Schneider Electric invites you to Energy Live 2013