‘Boiler ban could leave rural homes in fuel poverty’

Nearly 58% of households not connected to the gas grid believe the government’s 2026 boiler ban is unfair, new poll shows

‘Green hydrogen three times as expensive as heat pumps’

Heat pumps are the viable option to decarbonising homes, researchers claim

Britons turn to wood burning to tackle soaring energy bills

A 40% increase in wood burning stove sales has been recorded, according to a report

‘Energy certificates overestimate carbon impacts by 60%’

A new report suggests that EPCs are ‘misleading’ when it comes to understanding the carbon footprint of zero-carbon buildings

New heating system could double EU’s energy storage

A new electric heating storage system could help double the amount of energy stored across Europe by 2050. A report looking at the potential impact of the smart electrical thermal storage (SETS) technology (pictured) claims switching to it could provide an additional 54GW of storage capacity in the next four decades. Energy consultancy KEMA, which […]