Ofgem appoints Jonathan Brearley as new Chief Executive

He will replace Dermot Nolan at the end of February, who will have held the position for nearly five years

Metal recycling merger could reduce competition, says CMA

The competition watchdog’s investigation found it could also lead a “worse deal” for suppliers and customers

Energy UK: Government must tweak energy auctions

The industry organisation suggests changes are needed to “not only keep up the pace of decarbonisation in future but go further and faster”

Make a date with Earth Day and reduce your energy costs

It’s Earth Day on 22nd April – what are you doing to reduce energy consumption and help the planet? The organisers of Earth Day expect more than a billion people in 192 countries to focus on the environment on that particular day, with activities ranging from planting trees to cleaning up their local communities. This year is […]

UK to face blackouts next winter?

There could be blackouts or brownouts in the UK in the next year. That’s the conclusion of a panel debate on winter blackouts between Lord Rupert Redesdale, CEO of the Energy Managers Association and Jon Ferris, Strategy Director at Utilitywise. They agreed in the long term, the energy system in the country may not have sufficient capacity […]

UK’s energy trilemma on ‘negative watch’

The UK is on “negative watch” on making improvements to tackle the energy trilemma. That’s according to a new report from the World Energy Council (WEC) which lowered the country’s score from the highest rating AAA last year to AAB. The WEC’s annual ‘Energy Trilemma Index’ analysed energy policies of 130 countries towards energy security, affordability and […]

EMR ‘will force government to be sole power purchaser’

The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) is pushing the UK back towards the government being the only buyer of power. That’s according to Michael Pollitt, Proffessor of Political Business at Cambridge University, who spoke to ELN at the EMR conference in London yesterday. He said: “I think that was always going to be the outcome of the EMR […]

Renewable developers ‘have doubts about CfD delivery’

Renewable developers who have been awarded the Contracts for Difference (CfDs) have doubts about the delivery of their projects. That’s the view of Doug Parr, Policy Director at Greenpeace UK who told ELN: “I think we see the government is still committed to the CfD policy framework. What I think there is a doubt about is the […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Election focus

What the political parties have in store for energy As we approach the General Election, the papers are full of both promises and scare stories about what the different political parties have planned for the UK population, should they get elected. For us, working in the energy industry, we are obviously keen to see what […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Energy Matters

Food and drink sector finds EMR costs unpalatable As the government’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) costs start to hit bills this month, our latest Energy Matters Briefing focuses on the reaction of food and drink manufacturers. In a survey of 100 decision-makers from the sector, 75% now cite rising energy costs as a factor in […]