Yorkshire Water secures renewable energy deal with Shell Energy

The water supplier has secured a ten-year deal with Shell Energy to purchase renewable energy from the Thanet and Dogger Bank offshore wind farms

Yorkshire Water has entered a ten-year power purchase agreement with Shell Energy, aiming to buy renewable energy generated by the Thanet and Dogger Bank offshore wind farms.

Thanet, located off the coast of Kent, has an operational capacity of 300MW with 100 wind turbines, while Dogger Bank, off the north-east coast of England, is set to be one of the world’s largest wind farms, reaching an installed capacity of 3,6GW when fully operational.

Starting from October 2023, Shell Energy Europe, with agreements in place for both Dogger Bank and Thanet, will supply Yorkshire Water with approximately 16% of its electricity needs.

Currently, around 18% of Yorkshire Water’s power is already generated from renewable sources such as sludge.

Dan Oxley, Yorkshire Water’s Commercial Programme Manager, stated that their goal is to reduce energy consumption and procure more renewable energy in line with their net zero emissions target.

Oxley explained that with energy being one of Yorkshire Water’s major operational costs, the ten-year agreement with Shell Energy will help mitigate volatility in the energy market and potentially lower costs, benefiting the people of Yorkshire.

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