Shorter term prices see some relief while volatility reigns in UK energy markets

In this week’s Resonance energy market podcast Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Jason Durden about the UK energy markets and what lies ahead for summer months.

Non-energy sanctions on Russia ‘already reduced oil supplies’

Initial data from the energy market shows demand for Russia’s oil ‘has evaporated’ as traders weigh up the impact of the violence and sanctions on insurance, shipping and credit

Energy prices could reach new record levels if the Russia-Ukraine situation deteriorates

Jeremy Nicholson, Corporate Affairs Officer at Alfa Energy Group, comments on the impact of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on UK/European energy markets

‘Nearly 300k Aussie oil and gas jobs in jeopardy because of net zero’

Nearly AUD$50 bn in output could be at risk by 2050, new report suggests

Changeable weather sees volatile energy prices while LNG steps into the breach…

Changeable weather sees volatile energy prices while LNG steps into the breach…

COVID-19, Brexit, LNG supply – EDF’s James Chaplin explains what’s affecting the UK Power Market this winter

As we entered this winter there were many uncertainties ahead, even more so than normal with weather, LNG supply, Brexit and COVID-19 at the forefront of the market. These uncertainties have certainly not disappointed with high volatility seen over the past few months.

From Overhead To Opportunity: How Monetising Your CHP is Good For Your Business and Good For The Grid

Achieving optimum efficiency from a CHP plant starts with correctly sizing and specifying it to meet site demand.

What will the power market look like after the pandemic?

Will the UK electricity landscape ever return to ‘normal’? Since the first lockdown was introduced on 23 March 2020, electricity demand in the UK has fallen by an enormous amount.

All About Carbon

The surprising strength of carbon prices and their impact on the power market

Coronavirus crisis has ‘severe impact’ on global energy and oil markets

Global oil demand in 2020 will be down around 90,000 barrels a day from 2019, according to the latest report from International Energy Agency