Charities offered share of £10m to support vulnerable energy customers

The funding is being granted through the Energy Redress Scheme, which collects voluntary payments from suppliers to make reparations for effects on consumers

Government revs up funding cap for electric delivery bikes

It is increasing the limit from £50,000 to £200,000 per organisation

Government launches approval scheme for EV dealerships

It is expected to increase the confidence of drivers looking to purchase greener cars

Energy Saving Trust to manage suppliers’ redress payments

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) has been appointed to manage the allocation of redress payments made by energy companies for breaching rules. Under Ofgem’s redress process, energy firms that break rules can make voluntary payments to help consumers through charities, trusts and third party organisations. The payments are made in addition to direct compensation given […]

Smart meters ‘a benefit for people in fuel poverty’

Smart meters are a benefit for people who live in fuel poverty. Ted Brown, Chairman at Energy Saving Trust said the technology will allow customers to change their behaviour on how they use energy. Speaking to ELN at a Smart Metering Forum he said: “Talking about fuel poverty covers people who live in their own […]

Further £5m to cut energy bills in Scotland

The Scottish Government’s district heating loan fund is making available £5 million to help towards low carbon affordable heating. The government is inviting councils, social landlords and SMEs to apply for the next round of funding over the next three months. Since 2011, the fund which is managed by the Energy Saving Trust, has provided […]

Solar panels ‘ideal’ green improvement for householders

Nearly half of householders (44%) claim to live in homes with draught problems and 24% are considering installing energy efficiency upgrades in the next year, according to a new survey. Home renewables such as solar panels were considered to be the “ideal” energy efficiency improvement “if money and hassle were no object” – rated above […]

Online shops failing to show proper energy labels

A surprising number of online retailers aren’t properly displaying energy labels about goods such as TVs and fridges. Research released today found nearly two thirds of products (62%) in the online stores and retailers checked across the EU had information missing about energy consumption and performance on the energy label. Just 38% of products online […]

20% of products ‘don’t match energy efficiency claims’

One in five energy-using products such as fridges, washing machines, televisions and laptops claim to be more energy efficient than they actually are, new research claims. The Energy Saving Trust is launching a three-year programme to carry out over 300 inspections in shops and 300 in online stores and conduct lab tests to verify the […]

Think a computer screensaver saves energy? Think again

Are you being fooled by an energy saving myth? If you thought computer screensavers save energy, you’re not alone – 30% of the UK public think the same. That’s according to the Energy Saving Trust which has released a list of 10 common myths that mean people waste money on energy rather than save it. […]