Octopus introduces free charging with V2G tariff

Octopus Energy’s Octopus Power Pack, the UK’s first mass-market V2G tariff, offers free charging to drivers, enabling savings of over £850 per year compared to standard tariffs

GB power savings of £24bn with long duration energy storage

Integrating 20GW of long duration energy storage by 2050 could save £24 billion, according to a new report

British Gas customers set to pocket cash savings tonight

The energy supplier will take part in the ESO Demand Flexibility Service event from 5pm to 6pm

Global grid upgrades could save $3tn by 2040

Investing $1.7 trillion in additional transmission infrastructure by 2040 could cut global electricity decarbonisation costs by $3 trillion, according to a new report

Smart meters
Cash savings risk for millions without smart meters

Millions of UK households may miss out on cash rewards for energy savings this winter as the Demand Flexibility Scheme returns, with almost half lacking the necessary smart meters

“Millions of Brits miss out on energy bill savings”

Millions of UK households are forgoing significant annual savings on their energy bills due to inertia in switching providers, according to new research

Neglected radiators in millions of UK homes highlighted

Many UK homes may be missing out on improved heating performance and energy savings due to the neglect of their radiators, according to a new survey

University programme cuts SME energy use by 32%

A programme led by The University of Warwick has helped more than 50 SMEs in the West Midlands reduce their energy consumption by 32%

Six companies chosen for UK nuclear tech contest

Six companies, including EDF and Rolls Royce have advanced to the next phase of the Small Modular Reactor competition

Durham University’s solar car takes on Australian challenge

A solar-powered electric car, crafted by more than 50 students at Durham University over 100,000 hours, is gearing up to participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge