Take control of your heating, ‘save £500m a year’

Householders in Britain could save £500 million a year if they take control of their heating. That’s according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST), which reveals although 78% of those surveyed claim to understand how to use their heating, half of them are incorrectly using the controls. Nearly 40% of Brits believe it’s more efficient […]

Renewable heating could save Scots ‘£151m a year’

Householders in Scotland could save or £151 million every year by installing renewable heating technologies, new research claims. A YouGov poll by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) found although people know technologies such as biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps are cheap ways to heat their homes, more than half (51%) think they are […]

Renters – 78% support letting only energy efficient homes

Nearly eight in 10 renters say landlords should not be allowed to let out properties that have very poor levels of energy efficiency as a majority of them find it hard to heat their homes properly. That’s according to the Energy Saving Trust’s (EST) latest poll, which found 70% of UK householders also support the […]

Businesses invited to map out locations for London EV chargers

A new initiative to find potential locations in London to install fast charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) has been launched. Transport for London (TfL) and the Energy Saving Trust (EST) are calling on business fleets operating vehicles up to 12.5 tonnes to help map out where the network of rapid chargepoints could be located […]

Solar panels could help Scots earn ‘£580 a year’

Scottish households could earn as much as £580 every year by installing solar panels in their homes, new research claims. The figure includes £410 from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, £64 from exporting renewable energy to the grid and £105 from savings on energy bills – bringing the total to £197 million a year and […]

Heat pumps could save homes as much as £3,000 a year

UK householders could earn between £1,350 and £3,000 a year in savings and income by installing heat pumps in their homes. A new study by the Energy Saving Trust found the efficiency of heat pumps has improved and that well installed and operated heat pumps perform to a “very high standard” in homes. It claims […]

Rising fuel costs ‘threat to Scottish jobs’

Nearly a quarter of businesses in Scotland have considered cutting staff due to the pressure of rising fuel costs, a new survey revealed. Almost half (45%) of the firms also said energy costs were the biggest factor affecting them, with a third now using bicycles for business travel. 6% of those surveyed also said they […]

Brits pick trustworthy energy tradesman over price

Half of UK householders believe trust is more important than price when hiring an energy tradesperson. A new survey of 2,000 people has revealed a clearly displayed certification mark from a trusted organisation shown by a tradesperson was more important than how much they charged when deciding who would work in their homes. Householders picked […]

UK firms ‘saved £7.5m on fuel with smarter driving’

Firms in the UK could have saved as much as £7.5million by using ‘smarter’ driving techniques which can slash the cost of fuel by 15%. The Energy Saving Trust made the claim yesterday as it announced its Government-funded project to train business employees has now had 30,000 people through its doors. Their research suggests that […]

Junk mail trashes ‘green’ goals

Junk mails and cold calls from UK businesses are turning people off energy efficiency measures such as the Green Deal. That’s according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST), which found a third of households in the UK are receiving “irrelevant” marketing information everyday and 80% are receiving them at least once a week. The social […]