‘Cost-effective’ CCS storage sites identified off UK coast

A project funded by the government has identified cost-effective carbon capture and storage (CCS) sites off the UK coast. A total of 20 specific Carbon Dioxide (CO2) storage sites have been discovered which could together store around 78,000 million tonnes of CO2. The 12-month project carried out for the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has confirmed there […]

£170k project aims to store hydrogen in salt caverns

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is seeking partners for a project which will examine if it is possible to store hydrogen in salt caverns. The aim is to use the hydrogen in gas turbines when demand for electricity is high. It believes the UK has sufficient salt bed resources to provide tens of GW equivalent of power to […]

ETI invests £200k in fuel efficiency project

An initial funding of £200,000 has been announced for a project aimed at cutting emissions and increasing fuel efficiency of heavy vehicles. HORIBA MIRA, a UK subsidiary of a Japanese engineering firm, has been chosen by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) for the project which is expected to develop and demonstrate a commercially viable automated […]

Want to help improve the fuel efficiency of ships?

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is seeking partners for a new project which it hopes will help improve the fuel efficiency of large shipping vessels. They would need to set out how their technology will deliver fuel savings of at least 10% and show how they would design, supply and demonstrate flettner rotor sail technology […]

New £200,000 CCS research launched in UK

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has launched new research on carbon capture and storage. It will study the effects of removing brine from undersea stores that could be used to capture CO2. The £200,000 nine-month project will also focus on the impact brine production could have on reducing costs and risks of undersea CO2 storage. Brine management […]

CCS key to reduce costs and decarbonise the energy system

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a key component to minimise the costs for consumers and businesses in the transition to low carbon energy. That’s the view of the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), which in a letter to Angus MacNeil MP, Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, explains the impact of delaying CCS market […]

ETI to invest £300k in nuclear reactor project

A project looking at the deployment of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) in the UK is to be launched. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is currently seeking partners and will invest up to £300,000 in the six-month scheme. The ETI is a partnership between energy and engineering firms including BP, Caterpillar, EDF, Rolls-Royce, Shell and […]

Low carbon heating systems ‘must be appealing’

Low carbon heating systems should improve experience, be simpler to install and provide enhanced control for customers. These improvements are necessary towards decarbonising domestic heating by 2050, according to a report from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI). It stated heat accounts for more than 40% of the UK’s total energy demand and heating buildings contribute […]

£4.9m for a home energy management system in UK

A project worth £4.9 million to reduce energy usage and costs is to be developed. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is investing in the project which aims to accelerate the development of an advanced customer-orientated Home Energy Management System (HEMS). It plans to develop an energy management system for a building that informs and enhances […]

UK ‘running out of time to deliver affordable low carbon energy’

Time is “running out” to make crucial planning decisions and secure investment for affordable low carbon energy. That’s according to a report commisioned by the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology, which details the actions needed to achieve the energy “trilemma” by 2030. It suggests ministers should drive forward new capacity in nuclear, carbon capture and […]