CareyGlass and GridBeyond deliver BESS at CareyGlass Nenagh

GridBeyond has implemented a battery energy storage system (BESS) for CareyGlass at their site in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

More UK homes to earn by cutting energy usage

National Grid Electricity Distribution has seen “rapid growth” in domestic participation in its flexibility programme, with 433 households set to reduce energy usage and earn savings

Smart energy scheme to support vulnerable customers

The government has launched the “Inclusive Smart Solutions Programme” with £2.75 million in funding to support low income consumers in the transition to a flexible energy system

US Chamber of Commerce: Ofgem’s role needs clarity and flexibility

The US Chamber of Commerce suggests that Ofgem’s role in supporting the UK government’s energy priorities needs clearer definition and greater regulatory flexibility to adapt to market changes

UK’s lack of flexibility equals demand for four gas power stations

A new report champions the power of smart meters and flexible energy usage, projecting potential savings of £14.1 billion in 2040 for consumers

Ofgem invites input on helping consumers become flexible energy users

The energy regulator has asked for input from stakeholders on how to assist consumers in adopting flexible energy consumption practices

Octopus launches ‘UK’s smartest’ tariff for solar panels and batteries

According to the energy supplier, their ‘Intelligent Octopus Flux’ smart tariff has the potential to offer energy bill cuts of over £450

Uniper supercharges grid stability with custom condenser units

Grain power station site has introduced two new custom-built synchronous condenser units, making Uniper the biggest grid stability service provider

National Grid switches on Statkraft’s Green Park

The project in Liverpool is now up and running providing inertia to the UK’s grid

National Grid spent hefty sums to keep the lights on during cold snap

The system operator paid some of the steepest rates for gas-powered electricity on Tuesday, fresh data shows