Ofgem boss: Polite queueing no match for fossil fuel exit

Jonathan Brearley has slammed energy projects for blocking low carbon schemes

Oil and gas contractors strike: crisis looms as talks collapse

Around 200 workers will take action across more than 20 oil and gas platforms

UK awards projects with £32m to help businesses replace red diesel

Mining and construction are some of the sectors expected to be supported by the latest government investment

“EU may avoid gas disaster this winter, next could be worse”

The executive of energy trader Oil Trafigura has raised concerns about the escalation of the crisis in 2023

‘Nobody fails to realise the size of the problem,’ says Jacob Rees-Mogg

The new Business Secretary explained that “getting energy into the machinery of government” was a priority for Liz Truss

UK pushes ahead public sector decarbonisation with £635m

NHS Trusts, schools and local authorities will be able to apply for grants in September

Royal Air Force to fly in cleaner skies

The Royal Air Force has partnered with a synthetic fuel manufacturer to minimise the carbon footprint of its flights

UK reaches ‘landmark’ agreement to modernise Energy Charter Treaty

The modernised treaty will ensure investments in new fossil fuel projects do not get legal protection and will instead have ‘a much stronger focus’ on promoting clean and affordable energy

UK boat passengers are ‘flying’ above the water

A Belfast-based firm has unveiled the ‘world’s first’ zero-emission electric foiling boat

Britain hits 34-day coal-burning streak

The grid’s carbon intensity so far in 2021 is already higher than in 2020, marking the first year-on-year increase of this kind since 2012