Royal Air Force to fly in cleaner skies

The Royal Air Force has partnered with a synthetic fuel manufacturer to minimise the carbon footprint of its flights

The Royal Air Force has signed a contract with a synthetic fuel manufacturer to make its flights cleaner.

The agreement will see if an offering created by Zero Petroleum can be scaled.

It is believed that the fuel has the same performance and range as existing products, but with an entirely sustainable and fossil-free circular lifecycle.

The synthetic fuel manufacturer has said the fuels have the potential to massively reduce carbon emissions in the aviation industry.

Defence Procurement Minister Jeremy Quin said: “It has the potential to improve operational resilience while eliminating fossil carbon emissions in flight.”

Zero Petroleum Founder and Chief Executive Officer Paddy Lowe said: “The RAF’s vision for fossil-free flight using synthetic fuels is matched by Zero Petroleum’s commitment and enthusiasm to deliver the solution using unique British technology.”

Yesterday, the government published a strategy that will allow the country’s aviation industry to cut its carbon dioxide emissions.

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