Council in Yorkshire ‘has not paid for gas for about 17 years’

Beverley Town Council soon have to pay for gas it has received since 2004

Customers in Belfast to face 19% increase in gas bills

The change in firmus energy’s gas tariffs is predicted to affect an estimated 149,000 customers

Iberdrola increases gas and electricity prices

Average monthly gas and electricity bills are set to increase by 15% and 9.5% respectively

Household gas bills predicted to increase by £467

Domestic energy bills have already soared by £230 per customer, a fuel poverty charity has warned

School energy bills ‘could increase by £80m amid energy crisis’

Trade union warns over “dramatic increases” on schools’ gas bills

Nearly three-quarters of Brits ‘haven’t a clue about gas boiler pollution’

A new poll shows almost 89% of people do not know that a gas boiler emits more carbon than a new car

NI big supplier increases prices due to rocketing energy costs

Electric Ireland said the change will increase the average residential annual electricity bill by €108

Families in less energy efficient homes take hit of gas price hike

A new report reveals that these households are paying up to the equivalent of £246 more on their annual gas bills

Government proposes tax on gas suppliers to fund green gas production plants

It expects the effect on consumer bills to be ‘relatively minor’, estimated to peak at around £6.90 on an annual gas bill

Brits ‘spend more on tech services than on utility bills’

The average consumer will spend almost £1m across a period of 63 years on gas, electricity, water, their phone and other bills, according to a report