Insulation does not help lower gas usage in the long term, say Cambridge scientists

New research by Cambridge University says home insulation alone is not a “magic bullet”

‘Renewables saved Brits £5.7bn this winter’

That’s because far less gas was imported, RenewableUK claims

‘Europe cutting gas faster than UK’

New research suggests the UK is lagging behind the continent in ditching natural gas

UK schools awarded energy efficiency grants

Schools and colleges in England will be allocated a share of £500 million to spend on energy efficiency upgrades

BEIS to launch investigation over energy companies’ profiteering

The government will reportedly look at claims that energy companies are charging some firms higher prices for fixed-rate gas and electricity

Insulating social homes could slash heating bills by 42%

Insulated homes could save 700 million a year in total, according to a report

Energy switches nearly 80% down year-on-year

Switches in September were 15% fewer than in August, according to a report

Rising energy bills hit disabled people hard

The rising cost of living is disproportionately impacting specific population groups, according to the Office for National Statistics

More than two million households in debt on their electricity bills

The total number of households which are behind on their energy bills increased by nearly a quarter in three months, according to a report

Electric blanket searches on fire amid energy crisis

Searches for electric blankets spiked 1,205%, compared to the average over the past five years, new report suggests