UK regulator imposes £160k fine on energy firm for unauthorised flaring

The North Sea Transition Authority has fined Repsol £160,000 for flaring more than 73 tonnes of gas without proper consent

Iraqi minister says gas flaring has increased cancer

The Environment Minister has accepted that flaring in Basra is linked with increases of leukaemia in the region

Gas flaring not accounted for by fossil fuel companies

A new report claims that these firms are releasing 20 million tonnes of GHG emissions each year, without monitoring them

IFC provides ‘landmark’ loan to support gas flaring reduction in Iraq

The project is expected to increase Basrah Gas Company’s processing capacity, avoiding more unnecessary flaring and associated greenhouse gas emissions by around 10 million tons per year

Global gas flaring in 2019 ‘hit highest level in a decade’

Russia, Iraq, the US and Iran are the four biggest flarers and account for almost half of global gas flaring, according to a new report

Total value of gas wasted through flaring reached $19bn in 2019

A new study reveals ten countries combined currently flare more than 9.5 billion cubic feet of gas everyday

Global gas flaring at oil production sites declined last year

The World Bank says it is the start of reversing years of increases in gas flaring that started in 2010

More countries and oil firms pledge to end gas flaring

A global initiative to end routine gas flaring at oil sites could help save 100 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually. New figures revealed by the World Bank at the COP21 climate conference showed it has been endorsed by 45 companies, governments and other institutions. They represent more than 40% of global gas flaring. During oil production, […]