Concerns raised as the UK starts hunt for undersea nuclear waste disposal sites

Animal welfare groups and campaigners blast ongoing surveys for undersea nuclear waste dump

First marine geophysical surveys for nuclear waste disposal begins in Cumbria

The surveys will gather data to provide a better understanding of the rock structure and help find a suitable site for radioactive waste in the UK

Swedish Government gives go-ahead for nuclear waste storage site

The licence allows the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company to make preparations for initial construction of the site at Forsmark

Copeland mulls hosting radioactive waste disposal site

The Working Group will now start the process of local discussions on whether Copeland could be the right place to build a Geological Disposal Facility, with the community ultimately deciding if it wants to host a GDF or not

Environment protection key consideration when evaluating nuclear waste disposal sites

A Geological Disposal Facility will put waste hundreds of metres deep underground and will only be built where there is both a ‘willing community and a suitable site’

UK radioactive waste management boss to retire

Bruce McKirdy became the first Managing Director of Radioactive Waste Management, which aims to deliver a geological disposal facility in the UK

Radioactive Waste Management sets up advisory council

The organisation leading work on behalf of the UK Government to safely dispose of radioactive waste has established an external group of advisers. The Advisory Council will provide “expertise, balanced perspective and strategic direction” to support Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) as it moves towards delivering a geological disposal facility (GDF). The council members include experienced […]

DECC consults on housing nuclear radioactive waste

The Government has launched a new consultation on how communities across the country will be consulted on hosting nuclear radioactive waste sites. Under the new approach, communities would be provided with more information at an earlier stage in the process, a positive community-wide support would be required before a community could host a Geological Disposal […]

DECC seeks views on radioactive disposal facility

The UK Government is inviting views on the site selection process to find a host community for an underground disposal facility for radioactive waste. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) issued a call for evidence yesterday of the on-going Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS) programme. It follows Cumbria County Council’s decision earlier this […]