US charges four Russian hackers for targeting energy infrastructure

Russian nationals allegedly ‘hacked computers of hundreds of entities’ related to the global energy sector

Hackers attack npower’s app exposing customers’ data

The hack accessed customers’ accounts using login data obtained by other websites

Hackers try to poison US town’s water supply

The cyber attack on a water treatment plant in Florida is being reportedly investigated by the FBI

Ukraine energy ministry website hit by ransomware attack

Reports claim a message was posted in English, demanding a ransom of 0.1 bitcoin, worth around £665.58 by today’s exchange rate

Hackers ‘probably compromised’ UK energy industry

The UK’s energy industry is likely to have been targeted and “probably compromised” by state hackers. A leaked memo from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – part of intelligence gathering service GCHQ – specifically discussed threat to the energy and manufacturing sectors, according to technology site Motherboard, which obtained the document. It cites connections […]

Are employees the biggest risk to cybersecurity?

The biggest risk to cybersecurity are employees, according to a majority of global power and utility executives. That was the findings of a new survey from EY, which reveals 84% of leaders and IT executives and managers questioned said careless employee actions are a threat. Around 12% of the 1,735 people questioned believe their boards […]

‘First utility cyber attack will happen this year’

The first reported instance of a cyber attack on a utilities provider will happen this year. That’s according to Perry Stoneman, Global Head of Utilities at consulting firm Capgemini, who told ELN it would likely take the form of a ransomware attack. This is when computer systems are hacked by criminals who then demand a sum of money to avoid […]

UK spies looking to protect smart meters against hackers

The UK’s intelligence gathering service is looking into ensuring the rollout of smart meters is not open to hackers. It comes after GCHQ reportedly saw energy companies’ plans to use a single decryption key across the whole network of communications between suppliers and around 53 million smart meters expected to be installed by the end of the […]

Blog: The internet threat to energy networks is hacking unbelievable

You could reasonably assume that a power station is fairly impregnable. Those hulking dull-silver or concrete buildings fenced around with brick walls or barbed wire, stringent personnel checks on people entering the premises, restricted access to critical areas. That may have been shown up by the recent exception when anti-gas activists broke into EDF’s West […]