Extra funding for child winter heating as Scotland extends eligibility

If the legislation is passed, around 5,000 additional families will receive the payments under the Child Winter Heating Assistance

Nearly 3m Europeans ‘can’t afford to heat their homes amid rocketing energy prices’

Nearly 15% of Europe’s low-paid workers won’t be able to turn on heating, according to new research

‘Government installs nearly 6% of the heat pumps needed for net zero’

The Institute for Public Policy Research calls on the government to spend £6 billion a year in green measures to reach its decarbonisation targets

‘Heat pump grants will most likely benefit the richest households’

Dr Benny Peiser, Global Warming Policy Forum Director spoke to ELN about the reported £400m scrappage scheme that will allegedly encourage households to replace their boilers with low carbon heat pumps

Customer spend on European energy market skyrockets in 2020

Spending on energy-as-a-service type products rose by 53% last year, compared to 46% in 2019, according to new research

Are gas bills going to rise in green drive to slash emissions?

Households using gas boilers will reportedly see their bills increase by £170 a year

SP Energy Networks hots up with innovative tool to predict low carbon heating uptake

The Heat-Up modelling tool offers a wide range of behaviour analysis around use of heat in homes based on real-world data

IEA: ‘A global ban on fossil-fuel boilers should start in 2025’

The agency also calls for an end in sales of new petrol and diesel cars around the world in 2035 to make 2050 net zero goal feasible

Australia sends gas to A&E

The South Australian Government aims to build the country’s ‘first’ hospital to be 100% electrified

Demand for heat pumps ‘skyrockets 28% in 2021’

Almost 57% of Brits want to be more eco-friendly, according to a new report