Despite hating rubbish, 94% of Brits wouldn’t stop a litterbug

Only 3% think they would confront a litter lout, depending on the circumstances

UK invests half a million on taking out the trash

The government has announced a £500,000 fund to help communities tackle littering. The Government Litter Innovation Fund will help support the development of innovative new approaches for slashing the amount of rubbish ending up in the natural environment. This will include actions ranging from behavioural research for better positioned bins and recycling points to digital technology […]

UK Government to clamp down on litterbugs

The UK Government has unveiled a new strategy to reduce littering. Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom hopes the proposals for new enforcement, education and community engagement will reduce the annual burden of nearly £800 million in cleanup costs to the taxpayer. Under the National Litter Strategy, litterbugs could be hit with £150 fines, while vehicle owners could […]