London ‘is hotting up at dangerous rates’

A new report suggests many aspects of normal life in the Capital city will be disrupted as global temperatures continue to rise as a result of climate change

London Assembly: Parking for EVs should be free or discounted

Its Environment Committee is also calling on Mayor Sadiq Khan to install more charging points across the capital

London Assembly suggests cashback for plastic bottles

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is being urged to consider introducing a scheme that offers incentives to return plastic bottles. It is one of the recommendations of the London Assembly in its new report, which found the amount of waste from single-use plastic bottles is “out of control” in the capital. It suggests the mayor should […]

London Assembly calls on Boris to ‘bin diesel’

London Mayor Boris Johnson is being urged to cut diesel emissions “as soon as possible” to clean up the capital’s air quality. The London Assembly, an elected watchdog which scrutinises the Mayor’s plans and programmes, claims the capital’s air quality is among the worst in Europe. Diesel exhaust is said to be a major contributor […]

Boris Johnson urged to set up solar delivery unit

London Mayor Boris Johnson is being urged to “strongly consider” funding a group to deploy community energy schemes across the capital. London Assembly Members, an elected watchdog for the capital which scrutinises the Mayor’s plans and programmes and has the power to amend his annual budget, voted in favour of a ‘Solar Delivery Unit’. It […]

Pressure on Big Six to cut out fuel poverty

London Assembly members have called on the Big Six energy suppliers to severely reduce the number of people suffering from fuel poverty in the capital. Assembly member Murad Qureshi said: “Household incomes are tumbling in real terms and it is not just those on fixed or low incomes that are going to be hard hit […]

Boris slammed for London’s poor air quality

The London Assembly has called Mayor Boris Johnson to account over the levels of nitrogen dioxide in the capital’s air- the highest of any European capital. Recently published government plans show levels may not be reduced to legal limits until 2025. The assembly said Londoners should not have to wait so long for clean air. […]

London Lib Dems clamour for all-electric buses and taxis

London’s Lib Dems are clamouring for public transport to go all-electric. The party’s London Assembly branch is campaigning for a Big Switch to electric buses and taxis in the capital city by 2020.They say it will cut London’s air pollution, dramatically reduce premature deaths and ill health and help meet climate change targets. Energy Secretary […]