BBC global warming documentary ‘included a number false claims’

Among other allegations, the programme claimed deaths globally were rising due to extreme weather

Madagascar to suffer the first famine caused directly by climate change

The UN has warned that more than 500,000 people are at the highest level of food insecurity, when Madagascar contributes a mere 0.01% of global GHG emissions each year

Madagascar gets $1.3bn to improve power access

Madagascar is to use part of a $1.3 billion (£1bn) fund from the World Bank to improve access to electricity. The money, which is to be delivered over the next three years, will also be used to help prevent malnutrition. Currently, only 14% of the nation’s population have access to electricity and half of children under five suffer from stunting caused […]

$65m support for Madagascar’s power sector

Madagascar has been granted a $65 million (£46m) loan to improve its electricity sector operations and governance. Access to power services in the country is “low by any standards”, according to the World Bank, with current access at around 12% to 13%. Consumption in Madagascar is at 46kWh per capita versus 52kWh per capita in Ethiopia, […]