Liverpool schools see £2.2m added to energy bills after council error

The funds for these bills will need to be found from other departmental savings, the council has said

UK backs Ford with £600m to build EVs

The cars will be built in Essex and Merseyside before being shipped across five continents

Ford invests £230m in Merseyside EV plant

Supported by the UK government, the plant will be home to electric power unit production for Ford’s European EVs

‘Significant amount’ of stolen Merseyside power used for cannabis farms

The number of people prosecuted for electricity theft in England and Wales are highest in Merseyside, with a “significant amount” related to cannabis farms. New figures from the Crown Prosecution Service reveal 267 people in the region were charged and reached a first hearing at Magistrates’ Courts in 2014/15. It was followed by 178 cases […]

Viridor wins Merseyside waste contract

A contract to divert 20,000 tonnes of waste from landfill in Merseyside has been inked. The deal between waste company Viridor and Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) aims to bring environmental and economic benefits for the county. The waste will be transformed into renewable energy in the form of electricity and heat at Viridor’s Runcorn […]

SITA wins £1.6bn contract for Merseyside waste-to-energy plant

Waste processing giant SITA has won a £1.6billion, 30-year contract to build and operate a Merseyside waste to energy plant. As well as building the energy-from-waste plant in Teeside, the firm will convert a rail transfer depot to handle the waste in Knowsley in Merseyside. The Teeside plant will use 450,000 tonnes of waste per […]

Wirral NHS Trust takes care of energy use

An NHS Community Trust based in the Wirral has appointed an energy consultancy to look after its energy use across 20 properties. The Trust which provides healthcare services across the Wirral region in Merseyside wants to improve its energy efficiency to save money and become more sustainable. British energy management firm Inteb now provides information for the […]

Merseryside energy from waste plant wins permit

A new 9 MW energy from waste plant in Merseyside has won an environmental permit, meaning it will be built once it finds financial backing. Energy from waste business Energos got the permit from the Environment Agency to run the small advanced conversion technology (ACT) facility at Knowsley Industrial Park. The 96,000 tonne-a-year Knowsley Energy […]

Liverpool ready to reap windpower rewards

Liverpool is ready and able to become the UK west coast’s major wind power hub. A report by global consulting engineers Arup published yesterday reveals that port, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution assets are already in place to generate growth in renewable energy. Merseyside is in particular targeting Rounds 2 and 3 of the Irish Sea […]