Ofgem appoints British Gas as SoLR for two collapsed firms

British Gas will take on supplying nearly 35,500 domestic customers

More than 35,000 customers affected by two more collapses in energy market

The collapses of Neon Reef Limited and Social Energy Supply bring the total of failed energy suppliers to 22 since the start of August

Elexon to expel Neon Reef and Orbit Energy from BSC

According to Elexon, the companies have failed to reduce their credit cover percentage

Ofgem orders seven suppliers to pay £17.9m in unpaid RO bills

If the suppliers fail to make the payments, they could lose their licence

Suppliers blame Ofgem for ‘bringing the energy market to its knees’

A consortium of failed and active energy companies urges the regulator to act now or it “will have no suppliers left to regulate”