Newcastle Uni pledges to divest from fossil fuels

Newcastle University has announced it aims to divest from fossil fuel companies within five years. The institution is modifying its investment strategy which will give preference to investors who invest in companies that are working towards low carbon solutions. As a consequence, the new plan will get rid of thermal coal and oil sands companies and […]

Brit energy bills “too cheap” say academics

Energy bills in the UK are far too cheap for most according to academics at Newcastle University. Today they sent a note to MPs raising concerns about politicians’ constant talk of affordable energy and cutting emissions. They argue the way electricity and gas is sold today means that “energy becomes cheaper the more we use”. […]

Geothermal needs £100m from government

The UK’s fledgling deep geothermal sector needs “more government support” to the tune of £100million, otherwise the UK risks falling behind other European countries. This was the consensus from geothermal experts who were candid about their need for government cash at the EGS Energy’s conference in London yesterday. Ryan Law, managing director of Geothermal Engineering […]

Pig poo power

A £1.2m anaerobic digestion facility that uses heat taken from animal waste has opened in Northumberland. The system currently produces heat from the animal dung produced on Cockle Park Farm. The farm aims to use this heat to keep the pigs warm and to generate electricity to power the milking parlour. The project run by […]

Energy boss slams UK reliance on wind power

Wind power cannot provide us with a credible steady energy supply, according to some industry experts. Speaking at the Power Summit 2011, Aggreko chief executive Rupert Soames warned an audience of Commonwealth energy ministers and business leaders against relying on wind. He said that wind sources fluctuated too much to provide steady energy supply. “What […]

Geothermal projects get £1.1m funding

The government’s Deep Geothermal Challenge Fund has issued £1.1m to three geothermal projects. In the second round of cash allocations, the money has been divided between Keele University, Cofily District Energy, and a joint venture between Newcastle and Durham universities. Deep geothermal energy uses the natural heat found miles underground to produce electricity and heat […]