Sunderland launches self-driving shuttle

Sunderland prepares to launch Britain’s inaugural self-driving city centre bus service this spring, supported by a government-backed pilot scheme

Britain’s first self-driving city centre bus service is on the horizon, with Sunderland at the forefront of this pioneering initiative.

The ambitious project, supported by government backing, aims to revolutionise public transport by introducing autonomous buses to the streets of Sunderland.

The Sunderland Advanced Mobility Shuttle (SAMS) will navigate public roads between Sunderland Interchange, the University of Sunderland City Campus and the Sunderland Royal Hospital.

The pilot scheme in Sunderland serves as a testing ground for autonomous public transport, paving the way for potential expansion to other cities across the UK.

The self-driving bus project is spearheaded by Sunderland City Council, in collaboration with key partners including Aurrigo, Stagecoach, ANGOKA Ltd, Newcastle University, Swansea University and Boldyn Networks.

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