Sainsbury’s pledges to remove Russian diesel from its petrol stations

Sainsbury’s has unveiled plans to stop selling diesel from Russia across its 315 petrol filling stations

Shell delivers first gas from Trinidad and Tobago project

Project Colibri, located in the North Coast Marine Area, is expected to add around 30,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day of gas production

Gas prices could stay ‘high for years’

Petrol prices may come down in the short-term however, a new study suggests

Ukraine war leading to more fossil fuels is ‘mutually assured destruction’

The UN Secretary General has said countries turning to more fossil fuel imports in light of the crisis is ‘madness’

Oil protestor ties himself to goalposts in Premier League fixture

Everton v Newcastle was forced into a stoppage to free the 21-year-old climate campaigner

Global energy-related CO2 emissions ‘hit highest level in history in 2021’

Increased use of coal was the main factor driving up emissions by over two billion tonnes, according to the IEA

Energy security must be prioritised with the climate agenda in mind

The current crisis in the energy markets has seen oil trading at over $130 a barrel, gas prices at record levels, and the prospect of physical shortages if Russian supplies are curtailed as a result of the events in Ukraine.

Norwegian $1.3tn oil fund drops Russian investments

It has also announced £167m in humanitarian aid to Ukraine and banned Russian flights

Essar to build ‘UK’s first’ refinery-based hydrogen furnace

The £45 furnace is forecast to help the refinery save nearly 17,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year

Chinese and French giants seal $10bn deal for Uganda oil project

The project includes oil fields and pipeline network in Uganda and Tanzania