Xergy’s oil and gas digital platform secures £1.8m of private investment

Proteus aims to transform ‘the way in which the industry sources and uses talent to resource and deliver projects’

US Senators write to Saudi Arabia to call off ‘oil war’ with Russia

They said Riyadh’s decision to boost oil output has contributed to a disruption in global oil prices on top of already buckling financial markets

Bacteria in the world’s oceans ‘can produce oil from carbon dioxide’

Scientists estimate that without the cyanobacteria’s contribution, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be twice as high

Eni unveils 55GW clean power goal for 2050

The Italian oil and gas company has set a renewable target of 5GW by 2025 with investments of €2.6bn during the period

BP, Eni, Equinor, Shell and Total join forces to store emissions under the North Sea

The Net Zero Teesside project aims to decarbonise local industry by building a transportation and storage system to gather industrial carbon dioxide, compress it and store it safely in reservoirs under the sea

BP pledges to reach net zero by 2050

The energy giant has pledged to invest more in low carbon technologies and less in oil and gas after acknowledging ‘the world’s carbon budget is finite and running out fast’

Heriot-Watt University hunts out UK’s best carbon storage sites

A new study will map the geological features of the southern North Sea and assess their carbon storage potential, as well as calculating where leakages may take place

UK slashes oil imports by more than 75m barrels over five-year period

A drop in oil imports from 359 million barrels to approximately 280 million barrels equates to a reduction of more than a fifth

Drax teams up with Econic to use captured carbon in plastic production

Econic Technologies has developed a catalyst that allows CO2 to replace up to 50% of the traditional fossil fuel-based materials used in polymer production

Oil and gas industry’s ‘social licence to operate under serious threat’

That’s the warning from Chairman of the Oil and Gas Authority, Tim Eggar,  who has said the sector must do more to drive down emissions