‘Coronavirus has raised new issues for consumers but it has also magnified existing concerns’

That’s the suggestion from Matthew Vickers, CEO and Chief Ombudsman at the Energy Ombudsman, who spoke to ELN’s News Editor Jonny Bairstow about how the pandemic had affected the nature of complaints the organisation was receiving

Domestic energy complaints at three-year low

The number of complaints made by householders about energy suppliers has fallen by 32%. That’s a reduction from 6.7 million in 2014 and around five million in 2015 to 3.5 million last year – the lowest in three years, according to Ofgem and the Energy Ombudsman. They state most large and medium suppliers solved on […]

Energy complaints rise 23% in a year

Complaints about energy suppliers increased by 23% in 2015. They accounted for 65,168 compared to 52,937 in 2014, according to the energy Ombudsman, which resolves disputes between customers and energy firms. However energy firms are starting to show signs of improvement, it added. Complaints in the last three months of the year fell by 29%. […]

Energy complaints on the rise

The number of complaints from dissatisfied energy users has risen this year. New figures reveal more than 35,000 complaints were received by the Energy Ombudsman in the first six months – up 55% from the same period in 2014. Billing – such as disputed charges and inaccurate invoices – remained the most common issue experienced […]

Free energy for npower customers until rulings applied

npower will have to provide free energy to some of its customers for failing to resolve their complaints within the required 28 days. Energy suppliers are given that amount of time to put in place a remedy the Energy Ombudsman has directed but the Bix Six company failed to do so for around 1,000 customers. […]

Energy complaints treble says energy ombudsman

Complaints about energy suppliers have trebled, notching up to 10,638 in the first three months of 2014. This continues the record level of unhappy punters, marking a 224% increase on complaints figures for the first quarter of the year according to the energy Ombudsman, the not for profit company which resolves disputes between customers and […]

Could your energy provider be your Valentine?

An energy ombudsman has collaborated with the Poetry Society this Valentines to encourage better relationships between energy companies and their customers. Poet Matt Harvey has penned down the verses to the humorous poem titled ‘It’s not me, it’s you’, which narrates the story of a disheartened customer breaking off the relationship with its energy provider […]

Consumer body welcomes npower fine

Consumer Focus has backed Ofgem’s £2 million fine of npower over customer complaint issues and said it is important the regulator has confidence in dealing with the Big Six. Adam Scorer, Director of External Affairs at Consumer Focus said: “This is the second of the Big Six to be fined this year for problems with […]