Single-use plates and forks to be banned in England

The move could come before the end of 2023

Ofwat: ‘Water companies letting down environment’

Serious pollution incidents have risen from 2021 – and £132m in fines have been issued

The Carbon Column – Hotting up with The Earthshot Prize

The Earthshot Prize happened over the weekend and in this article, I discuss some of the winning solutions

Water company fines in England to be used for environmental improvements

Currently, money from fines imposed by water regulator Ofwat and those from Environment Agency prosecutions is given to the Treasury

Drax grilled by MPs over its emission levels

Will Gardiner, Drax Chief Executive, disputed the characterisation of “biggest emitter” in the UK

Ofwat orders Thames Water and Southern Water to return £80m to customers

They will have to hand back the money for failing to reach targets on water treatment works compliance, pollution incidents and internal sewer flooding across 2021-22

‘Egypt is polluting coral reefs whilst hosting COP,’ study claims

An oil terminal is allegedly releasing wastewater into the Red Sea

‘Greenhouse gases reached record levels in 2021’

Methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide all hit peak levels after the pandemic

Iraqi minister says gas flaring has increased cancer

The Environment Minister has accepted that flaring in Basra is linked with increases of leukaemia in the region

UK professors say hemp can make Scotland’s agricultural sector carbon-neutral

Boosting hemp production in Scotland could bring “huge” environmental benefits to the agricultural sector, according to a new report