Chernobyl nuclear plant power line ‘damaged again by Russian forces’

A power line that supplies power to the nuclear power plant has allegedly been damaged after being repaired

Suffolk village ditches overhead power lines to enjoy uninterrupted views

Nearly 5,000 metres of overhead lines were replaced by new underground cabling in a £600k project

SSEN deploys drones to inspect electricity infrastructure

Its partnership with Cyberhawk sees the use of drones to visualise power infrastructure from the rural Cotswolds to the urban areas of West London, without intrusion or inconvenience to customers

US invests $371m to improve rural power infrastructure

The projects are expected to benefit more than 222,000 households and commercial customers across 11 states

UV lights ‘can cut rate of birds hitting power lines by 98%’

Ultraviolet wavelengths shone onto cables can illuminate them for birds while remaining invisible to humans

Power lines and pylons get pretty in £500m project

A £500 million fund aims to help minimise the visual impact of electricity infrastructure on natural scenery. Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has recommended 10 sites to be part of the Visual Impact of Scottish Transmission Assets (VISTA) scheme, administered by regulator Ofgem. The project is part of a UK-wide programme to minimise the visual impact of pre-existing transmission infrastructure, such as […]

91% of homes have power restored after major storm

Most of the more than half a million homes left without power following yesterday’s St Jude storm now have their electricity back. Electricity distribution firm UK Power Networks said it has restored power supplies to 91% of its 620,000 customers. According to the company 48,000 properties in the East and 9,600 in the South East are […]

Twinkle, twinkle, safely under the stars at Christmas

It’s a classic sign the winter holidays are on their way – but homeowners are being advised to make sure their outdoor Christmas lights are safe this winter by the electricity network operator across London, the South East and the East of England. Some of the top tips include avoiding putting up illuminations near power […]

Hurricane Isaac cuts power supply for thousands

Thousands of homes on the east of the United States were left without power this morning after Hurricane Isaac hit southeastern Louisiana late yesterday. US supplier Entergy said 409,000 customers were without electricity this morning after high winds sparked “extensive” outages across its power grid. Repair efforts were being impaired by the storm’s lingering high […]

Hot air balloon hits pylon

A hot air balloon carrying three people collided with power lines yesterday evening. The Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue service was called to the scene on Sunday at 18.10 when the balloon became entangled on a pylon near the village of Bozeat in Wellingborough. Once the live power lines had been earthed, the firemen were able […]