National Grid unveils plan to remove 4.6km of overhead power lines

The project will replace 13 pylons with underground cables in North Wessex Downs

A project to replace 4.6km of overhead electricity line and 13 pylons with underground cable in North Wessex Downs has reached a milestone as National Grid submitted its planning application to Wiltshire Council.

A submission to energy regulator Ofgem for the funding of the project was also made last week.

The project aims to enhance the landscape in the stretch of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to the north of Devizes, as part of National Grid’s Visual Impact Provision (VIP) project.

The project is designed to reduce the visual impact of existing high-voltage power lines in protected areas across England and Wales.

Since the project first began in 2019, National Grid has been working together with local stakeholders to develop its proposals, including Natural England, Wiltshire Council, Historic England, North Wessex Downs AONB Partnership, and the town and community councils.

Chris Carr, National Grid VIP Senior Project Manager said: “This is a unique project, in that it’s been stakeholder-driven from the outset.

“The planning application is a significant milestone and in developing our plans we have taken on board advice from a variety of local experts, organisations and landowners, as well as the local community in the nearby towns and villages.”

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