EU takes Ireland to court for failing to adapt renewable law

Ireland could face a daily penalty of €25,447.50 (£20,909) a day for failing to enact EU legislation on renewable energy. The European Commission said it is referring Ireland to the Court of Justice “for failing to fully transpose the Renewable Energy Directive”, which requires EU member states to generate 20% of energy from renewable sources […]

EU threatens nations with huge fines for poor renewable efforts

The European Commission wants to impose huge fines on several of its member states for failing to put EU renewable energy laws into national legislation. The Commission said yesterday it is referring Poland and Cyprus to the European Court of Justice for failing to transpose the Renewable Energy Directive, which demands the EU get 20% […]

EU’s biofuel sustainability ‘questionable’

German researchers claim they have found evidence the sustainability of European-produced biodiesel set by the EU could be “questionable”. Two researchers from Friedrich Schiller University claim eight out of their 12 tests on locally produced rapeseed biodiesel failed to show the 35% greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions savings value. In most cases, the research showed it […]

EU’s biofuel use slows massively in 4 years

Growth in Europe’s biofuel use slowed down last year, according to new figures out today which suggest EU governments no longer see a “rapid increase” in the fuel as a priority. According to the EurObserv’ER biofuels barometer, between 2010 and 2011 biofuel consumption increased by 3%, with 13.6 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) used […]

E.ON biomass plant granted permission

DECC today gave permission for a new dedicated biomass plant in Bristol. Energy firm E.ON won approval for its 150MW power station at Royal Portbury Dock in the Port of Bristol, which could make enough electricity to power up to 160,000 homes. The plant will be fuelled mainly by imported virgin wood, dedicated energy crops […]

Oil firms failing to deliver on biofuel potential

Major oil companies are “lagging behind and dragging overall performance down” on biofuels. The oil firms which bring biofuel to the UK market have been accused of not doing enough to ensure it is delivering carbon savings and being produced in a sustainable manner. The Renewable Fuels Agency claims that BP, Chevron, Murco, Total, INEOS […]

REA slams transport fuel recommendations

Advice given to Chris Huhne from the Committee on Climate Change on renewable transport fuels has been branded disappointing and even “illegal” by the Renewable Energy Association. Energy Secretary Mr Huhne asked the CCC for its views on renewable targets to 2020. It responded to him in a letter which covered all areas of renewables, […]