Government urges landlords to pass on the £400 energy bill payment to tenants

Energy Minister has called on landlords to consider not pocketing the money

Thousands of private renters could miss out on government’s energy bill support

The risk disproportionately affects people on low incomes, young people and people of colour, a charity has warned

Environment Secretary’s rent ‘covers Insulate Britain activists’ legal costs’

“We thought if we were his landlord, maybe he might listen to us”, one of the investors told ELN

Welsh Government commits £250m for 20,000 low carbon social homes

Some of the social housing for rent will go beyond net zero and produce more energy than they use

Swedish property firm granted €300m EU funds for energy efficient homes

Heimstaden Bostad will use the funds to develop eight residential properties with ‘high energy performance standards’ in five Swedish cities

Solar panels for rent: Tesla launches new offer

CEO Elon Musk says while it is still better to buy solar panels, the rental option ‘makes the economics obvious’

Businesses warned empty industrial units targeted for illegal waste dumping

Waste crime is estimated to cost the UK economy around £604m a year

New energy efficiency rules mean tenants will pay

Tenants are likely to bear the brunt of new energy efficiency laws for the private rental sector. From 2018, it will be illegal for private landlords to rent out properties with ‘F’ and ‘G’ energy efficiency ratings, meaning they will have to pay up to £5,000 for improvements. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) is worried […]

No Let! Renting out inefficient homes banned

Landlords across England and Wales will be banned from renting out energy inefficient homes from April 2018. They will be required by law to upgrade their leakiest properties and make it more efficient, with a rating of at least Band ‘E’. A typical Band C home faces energy bills that could be £1,000 lower than […]

UK renters urged to shop around for energy

More than three quarters of bill-paying Brits living in rented accommodation have never switched their energy suppliers, a new survey reveals. Ofgem’s 2014 Consumer Engagement Survey also found one in five tenants are not aware they can switch to a different supplier. The regulator is urging tenants to shop around for their energy as they […]